What’s in a name?

What we call ourselves--and others--is important. We begin identifying others early. Infants learn that their caregivers provide them with food and comfort, and learn their names. At around seven months old, many babies start to get nervous around strangers. They can't identify them. Later, babies learn to self-identify. This usually coincides with them deciding the … Continue reading What’s in a name?

Write back to fight back!

When I saw what was going on in Charlottesville over the weekend, I wasn't shocked. I was disgusted. And since then, I've thought about what I can do to help improve our nation's situation. Last autumn, I did not vote for Donald Trump. Like so many, I was certain he could never win, that his … Continue reading Write back to fight back!

MFA Update: First Feedback Received & Gearing Up for TA

Two weeks ago I submitted my first assignment of my first MFA semester to my mentor. For the last two weeks I've been working on reading my assigned craft books and trying not to gnaw my fingernails off. While I wasn't concerned about receiving constructive criticism--in fact, I crave it--I was waiting to find out … Continue reading MFA Update: First Feedback Received & Gearing Up for TA

MFA Update: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

I’m a week late putting together this update, but there’s a good reason. I fell down the rabbit hole. I realize that in the midst of writing short fiction, novels, serial fiction, participating in a writing contest, reading and writing craft essays--oh yeah, and let’s not forget work for money--that might be vague. The rabbit … Continue reading MFA Update: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

MFA Update: 9 Assumptions About My First Residency

I meant to post this entry last week, but there just wasn’t an opportunity. I’ll get to that a little further on. Last week, I attended my first ever MFA Creative Writing residency week. The event is like entering a bubble and, going in, I had certain assumptions that either proved true or did not. … Continue reading MFA Update: 9 Assumptions About My First Residency

How to Show vs. Tell in Historical Fiction

One of the most talked-about elements of writing craft is showing vs. telling. The fact is, once you learn how to show in your writing, it’s hard not to. Don’t worry—if you’re not sure how to do that yet, you’ll have a better idea by the end of this post. That said, this blog post … Continue reading How to Show vs. Tell in Historical Fiction

MFA Update: Prepping for Residency

Throughout the course of the next two years, I'll be posting an update on my work toward my MFA Creative Writing every four weeks. Chronicling this experience is important for many reasons, not the least to document lessons I learn along the way. As this is a terminal degree, it is the last writing degree … Continue reading MFA Update: Prepping for Residency