Writing Prompt: Thanksgiving

Write a scene in which your favorite literary character joins your family or friends for Thanksgiving, and create some tension. You have up to 1,000 words. Have fun!


Weekly Writing Prompt: Animal POV


This week, try writing a story from an animal’s point of view. Keep it under 1,000 words. Just as you want to take care choosing your topic/themes, consider what kind of animal through which you’ll tell your story. The animal narrator doesn’t have to be your protagonist, but it can be.

Weekly Writing Prompt: Lies


Today’s writing prompt is from 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. I’d give you a page number but the pages aren’t numbered and I’m not counting them (because you won’t either). Here’s the prompt:

The first lie you were caught in.

Make it a story. 500-1,000 words. Feel free to come back and post the link to your story in the comments below!

For those who prefer to listen, I bring you…a new podcast!

In an effort to make visiting my blog a multimedia experience, I thought I’d create a podcast. These ~15-minute episodes will impart some knowledge I’ve gained from my years of writing experience. With National Novel Writing Month right around the corner, I thought I’d use my pilot episode to talk about my experiences with that challenge.

Sometimes I might share short stories or poems, too. Basically, mine is a podcast for writers by a writer. Sure, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of podcasts for writers out there…but this is the only one by me. So if you enjoy my blog, my point of view, and my experience, have a listen.

Without further ado, I bring you episode one!


Weekly Writing Prompt: Gender-Swapping

wall-2794569_1920William Shakespeare did this all the time–he wrote characters taking on opposite gender roles. This makes us think about gender in different ways. He’s not the only writer to have done so on a regular basis, either, and writers are still doing it today.

So for your prompt, I want you to take a fairy tale and write it with the protagonist in a different gender. For example, if you have a female protagonist, you can rewrite the fairy tale with a character who identifies as transgender, and/or non-binary, male, or self-described gender. Pay particular attention to the binary cues that exist in the original fairy tale.

There’s no length requirement on this one. Do the subject justice.

Feel free to post a link to your story in the comments below!

Weekly Writing Prompt: Dialogue


This week’s prompt focuses on dialogue. Write a 500-word scene that uses only dialogue. No tags. No actions. If it’s not said between quotes, don’t write it.

Feel free to share a link to your story in the comments below!