Curious about what I’m working on these days? I’ll keep this page updated with a list of my projects. Please note: If you are a ghostwriting or editing client, your project will only be listed as ghostwriting project or editing project and the length/type of writing to protect your identity and that of your work.


  • My MFA thesis is a work of historical fiction. I’m aiming to write about 300 pages. Deadline: Spring 2019. My story is as yet untitled (though I have a working title so I don’t lose my mind when discussing it with my mentor), and takes place in 17th-century Connecticut.
  • “Hunger” is a work of short fiction that was inspired by my father’s battle with cancer. This piece was the hardest thing I’ve ever written, but also therapeutic. I’m working on revising it now so that I can send it out to various markets and hope one will want to share it with their readers.
  • “Hybrid” is a work of serialized fiction that I’m co-authoring with my friend and long-time fellow writer, Ann Winters. Originally, we had planned to self-publish each serial, but we’ve since decided the story would be better served by publication in a literary magazine. It’s a work of science-fiction; the first two parts (out of five) are complete.
  • Ghostwriting middle-grade or young adult novel project in the early stages.


  • Working on my Teaching Portfolio.
  • I have some pitches out to trade and consumer magazines.


  • I’m working on a series of poems inspired by the current political climate–and Hamilton: An American Musical. I’ve been working on the series since January 20, but there’s still much work to do. I’ve completed and workshopped five of the poems. I’m not sure how long the series will be or what my publishing plans are for it yet.