Writing Prompt: Fish

This week, I want you to write a story about a fish out of water. Your protagonist can find herself in a new place, facing a language barrier, or something much smaller-scale. Have fun! You have 1,500 words.

Writing Prompt: Identity

Your protagonist wakes up one morning to find that she or he doesn’t have an identity. Maybe your character can’t go to the bank, or some other banal activity, or maybe it’s a bigger problem than that for your character, but either way, your character wakes up and no longer seems to exist.

You have 2,500 words for this one! Have fun!

Writing Prompt: Tech Takeover

This week, your writing prompt is to compose a story in which technology takes over. It can be anything from technology affecting one person to the entire world. It can be a blessing or a curse, or both. You have up to 1,000 words.

Writing Prompt: Snowed In

Given the snowy day where I am (and the near heart attack that my car might be towed followed by the relief that it shouldn’t be), today I want you to write about being snowed in. You have up to 1,000 words. Happy writing!

Weekly Writing Prompt: Animal POV


This week, try writing a story from an animal’s point of view. Keep it under 1,000 words. Just as you want to take care choosing your topic/themes, consider what kind of animal through which you’ll tell your story. The animal narrator doesn’t have to be your protagonist, but it can be.

Weekly Writing Prompt: Time Travel


I’m currently working on a short story that involves time travel…so I want you to do the same!

It can be any length. Any time period (even the 20th century). The only rule is that it must include at least one scene that takes place in a time before you were born.

Have fun! Feel free to come back and comment with a link to your story.